Airtel Uganda invests in 3G network upgrade 

Airtel Africa
ZTE has announced on Friday that in preparation for 4G usage it has upgraded Airtel Uganda’s 3G network to elevate its performance standards.

The project intends to deploy UMTS900 equipment at 674 telecom sites in Uganda by replacing the existing ones. The project deployment consists of the inclusion of ZTE’s multi-mode integrated SDR 2.0 solution which will support evolution into LTE/LTE-A networks.
The UMTS900 3G networks intended to lower overall capital expenditure (Capex) and operational expenditure (OPEX) also claim to provide wider coverage and an improved indoor 3G experience, in comparison to traditional UMTS2100 3G networks.
“I have been impressed by the high quantity of sites delivered by ZTE and also the resulting improvement in customer experience on data which ZTE has enabled for the Airtel Uganda network,” said Tom Gutjahr, managing director, Airtel Uganda.
This move includes the first nation-wide UMTS900 commercial deployment in Uganda as Airtel Uganda up-gradation is claimed tol increase the overall network performance up-to 20 percent and and is expected to tone down equipment power consumption and tower renting fees, which will lead to more economical products.
ZTE, which is a GUL system equipment provider deploys GUL products and solutions with nearly 180 operators in about 110 countries, has signed 240 LTE and evolved packet core (EPC) commercial contracts with 80 percent of countries currently investing in 4G networks.