AirTight launches advanced BYOD security for cloud Wi-Fi access for enterprises

Telecom Lead America: AirTight Networks, a provider of
Wi-Fi solutions, has launched device fingerprinting techniques in its
SpectraGuard Enterprise WIPS and AirTight Cloud Services that provide BYOD


This is a significant launch as corporate users are
accessing enterprise network and data, and bypassing corporate security
controls using their personal Wi-Fi devices. This uncontrolled access can open
wireless backdoors into the enterprise network, malicious activity, leakage of
sensitive data, and exposure to malware.


“AirTight uses correlation of information from
over-the-air and on-the-wire packets. This method produces accurate information
about all smart devices including iPhones, iPads, Androids and Blackberries
connected to the network to enable automatic classification and policy
enforcement of Approved vs. Unapproved devices,” said Jatin parekh, vice
president of Product Management at AirTight.


AirTight Networks’ SpectraGuard Wireless Intrusion
Prevention System (WIPS) offers the most complete solution to help network
administrators definitively manage BYOD.


“Without the right solution, IT security manager do
not have visibility into BYOD and are unable to control the risks presented by
personal Wi-Fi enabled devicesWPA2/802.1x cannot stop them from connecting to
the enterprise network and MDM alone cannot manage BYOD because the personal
devices must have a software agent installed and users have no incentive to
install one,” Parekh added.


AirTight Networks joins Juniper Networks technology alliance


Recently, AirTight Networks joined the Juniper
Networks Technology Alliance Program. AirTight’s WIPS products are being
integrated with Juniper Networks WLC Series WLAN controllers to
provide customers with the most accurate and reliable wireless intrusion
prevention and security on the market.


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