AirTouch Communications to expand in Asian markets

AirTouch Communications announced the registration of AirTouch
Communications (Shenzhen), a joint venture with Chinese distributors of Epson
products in China.

The establishment of AirTouch China will enable the company to obtain
purchase orders from Chinese carriers including China Mobile, China Telecom and
China Unicom.

“The joint venture is a win-win proposition for AirTouch and the
millions of rural Chinese with no or limited access to voice, Internet, IPTV
for entertainment, and other advanced communications service,” said
AirTouch CEO Hide Kanakubo.

The joint venture will enable AirTouch to provide to Chinese consumers
with its hardware, such as the HomeConneX X2000 which operates at up to 10
times the signal strength of a cell phone for voice and text messaging while
exposing the user to far less radiation from the handset. The X2000 also can
access the Internet and entertainment services.

“Our goal is to cut years from the timetable for putting wireless
services in the hands of rural Chinese. We look forward to helping AirTouch
China bring the latest wireless services to our country,” said David Lee,
VP of China Sales for AirTouch.

Chinese cannot spend time and money laying out fiber or copper landlines
over China’s vast geography and terrain, making wireless by far the most
economically feasible solution. Brazil and other developing countries are
rapidly deploying wireless communications into rural areas faster and less
expensively than landlines and AirTouch plans to offer its services to those
countries as well.

By Team
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