Ajman University deploys Blue Coat to improve web experience

Blue Coat Systems, a provider of Web security and WAN optimization
, announced that Ajman University of Science and
Technology (AUST), a private institution of higher education in the United Arab
Emirates, has deployed Blue Coat ProxySG and PacketShaper appliances to
accelerate the delivery of important content and applications while protecting
against Web-based threats. 

AUST faces constantly growing Internet demand from 8,000
students and staff as well as demands placed by new services, such as a
sophisticated e-learning system and an online library, that add to the
university’s overall bandwidth requirements

To operate within the bounds of our network capacity, it
became imperative for us to have visibility into Web traffic and then be able
to intelligently manage it,” said Mohammed Salman, IT director, AUST.

We found that Blue Coat solutions provided precise, yet
flexible controls, a high level of Web security and considerable Internet
bandwidth savings while also enhancing the Internet experience for our students
and staff,” Salman added.

AUST deployed PacketShaper appliances to discover and
categorize applications on the network, measure network application
performance, guarantee quality of service (QoS) for priority applications and mitigate
the network impact of non-business applications and content. 

The university also deployed Blue Coat ProxySG appliances
at its Internet gateway to provide comprehensive, real-time protection against
Web-based malware and other malicious content without compromising network
performance.  Through the use of industry-leading technology, the ProxySG
appliances improve the user’s Web experience by caching frequently accessed
content on site. 

Like many organizations, Ajman University of Science and
Technology must balance a large appetite for content and new applications with
limited network resources and a need for effective security,” said Steve Daheb,
chief marketing officer and senior vice president,
Blue Coat Systems.

Only Blue Coat solutions can effectively address these
contradictory challenges by combining visibility and Web security in a way that
allows the university to intelligently and flexibly accelerate and secure its
network,” Daheb added.

By Telecomlead.com Team
[email protected]