Alcatel-Lucent and Spirent Showcase Performance of LTE Mobile Gateways

A live demonstration will showcase how the Alcatel-Lucent 7750 Service Router (SR) Mobile Gateway performs under the most demanding conditions in a 4G/LTE environment while maintaining the highest Quality of Service (QoS), even for bandwidth intensive video applications.

Leveraging Landslide on Spirent TestCenter, Alcatel-Lucent  will show how the 7750 SR Mobile Gateway supports millions of active mobile broadband subscribers, each with multiple data connections. Landslide on Spirent TestCenter is the industry’s only test platform that combines real world subscriber behavior and mobile broadband traffic to evaluate wireless core packet network performance.

The demonstration features high scalability and performance with sustained aggregate throughput in excess of 180 Gbps, which is the equivalent of more than 250,000 simultaneous and individual iPad/iPhone quality Netflix streams. Even in this demanding network scenario, Alcatel-Lucent reaches the highest publicly-demonstrated throughput achieved to date.

These tests show the 7750 Service Router’s ability to handle speed, high-throughput and connectivity challenges under an assortment of real-world cases.” said Kevin Macaluso, vice president and general manager of the Service Router product group within Alcatel-Lucent.

This is critical in allowing our service provider customers to understand that our solution will help to not only address their needs today, but also as video applications become even more pervasive. LTE and other 4G technologies require a powerful platform for testing and Spirent’s Landslide was the principal tool we used in the lab that helped us to validate the performance of our router in the role of a mobile gateway,” Macaluso added.

The public demonstration will showcase the highest subscriber traffic aggregate speeds while supporting 1.5 million active mobile devices and three million default and dedicated data connections. It will use two Alcatel-Lucent 7750 SRs configured as an LTE Serving gateway (SGW) and a Packet Data Network (PDN) gateway, and will emphasize the way this solution performs under the most demanding real world conditions.

The Landslide on Spirent TestCenter solution provides a comprehensive end-to-end offering that emulates millions of mobile data subscribers, simultaneously accessing the wireless network using various access models.

It tests all of the key wireless core elements, and combines control plane and data plane simulation. This provides real-world emulation of millions of mobile nodes in various stages of activation, deactivation, and hand-off between cells, all while transmitting and receiving real-world application data over an AnyG mobile network.

This testing builds on our long relationship with Alcatel-Lucent, allowing this leading mobile infrastructure provider to deliver products that live up to the promise of next-generation networks.” said Jeff Schmitz, vice president, Networks & Applications group at Spirent.

As a leader in next-generation mobile infrastructure testing, Spirent’s ability to scale up to millions of data connections at line rate enables Alcatel-Lucent to gain a detailed awareness of subscriber scalability and data performance,” Schmitz added.

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