Alcatel-Lucent launches consulting and professional services practice for telecom operators

Telecom Lead India: Alcatel-Lucent has launched a
new consulting and professional services practice for telecom operators.


The new practice will enable telecom service providers to
create new revenue opportunities and deliver new services to market faster.
Creating new revenue opportunity during a slowdown is a big concern for all
telecom service providers. Alcatel-Lucent is trying to utilize this opportunity
by offering professional service practice.


Moreover, this is one of the efforts of Alcatel-Lucent to
regain its lost market share in telecom infrastructure space. Due to downturn
in European markets, Alcatel-Lucent is unable to gain market share and compete
with mobile infrastructure players such as Ericsson and Nokia Siemens Networks.


Alcatel-Lucent claims that the practice will support a
lifecycle methodology for application programming interfaces (APIs), providing
operators with expertise and technology to streamline the creation, deployment
and management of network-based services.


Laura Merling, senior vice president, Application
Enablement at Alcatel-Lucent, said APIs are the glue that ties together all the
elements of the data economy – apps, the cloud and big data. But launching and supporting
a dynamic API strategy is not easy.


Mobile operators need to offer a program that lowers the
barrier to entry for developers and creates a more supportive environment.
Alcatel-Lucent’s related services are designed to address the pain points affecting
developers when designing, implementing and integrating APIs.


Alcatel-Lucent is citing its recent YouConnect project in
France as an example for its strength in this area of business.


James Governor, Redmonk cofounder, said as consumer
expectations soar in the age of the app store and the smart device, traditional
telco subscriber relationships are breaking down, and being replaced by
API-driven business models. Alcatel Lucent is providing API management tools
and expertise to directly address this change.


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