Alcatel-Lucent provides wireless network congestion solution for Dept. of Homeland Security


By Telecom Lead Team: LGS Innovations, a subsidiary of
Alcatel-Lucent, announced that the Alcatel-Lucent CDMA Wireless Priority
Service Enhanced Overload Performance solution (WPS EOP) for the National
Communications System (NCS) of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has
recently completed Field Operating Activity (FOA) testing in the Verizon
Wireless network.


The solution enhances the DHS’s WPS capabilities by
expanding its ability to handle specific network overload conditions.


The WPS capability, as enhanced by the EOP program,
provides priority treatment to authorized users who perform services to save
lives and restore normalcy during natural or man-made disaster.


Tested successfully by Verizon Wireless on its network in
November 2011 WPS EOP will now be deployed by U.S. government authorized
carriers nationwide.


“As wireless users and their devices proliferate in
our society, these issues will only grow. WPS EOP allows those mission-critical
calls during an emergency situation to be placed so that resources can be
deployed quickly to save lives and assets,” said Ronald Iverson, LGS CEO.

LGS Innovations has a proven legacy of providing
networking and communications research, products, and services to the U.S.
Department of Defense, Civilian, and Advanced Programs communities.


Recently, media reports said
that Telefonica Spain may choose Alcatel-Lucent to build a nationwide
high-speed wireless LTE network.


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