Alcatel-Lucent unveils network monitoring solution for fiber optic broadband networks

Telecom Lead Europe: Alcatel-Lucent, a provider of telecom and networking technologies, has unveiled a new network monitoring solution from Bell Labs.

The new network monitoring solution uses a technique called Optical Time Domain Reflectometry (OTDR). It is designed to save service providers time and cost in maintaining their fiber-optic broadband access networks.


Outages of fiber-optic networks can severely impact both users and the service providers themselves. Alcatel-Lucent’s embedded OTDR solution addresses this issue both during the rollout of a new network and once it is in service.

During the rollout phase it provides remote validation of the quality of fiber installation work. During operations it continuously monitors all lines, pinpoints the location of network problems and reduces the need for field technicians to make multiple visits to a site.

The solution plugs into a network’s existing fiber access nodes and is integrated with the Motive Network Analyzer, Alcatel-Lucent’s remote management solution for broadband access networks. This approach provides a comprehensive and continuous view of PON networks, which are used to deliver high-speed broadband services to consumers and businesses.

“We have embedded OTDR test functionality into our Intelligent Services Access Manager (ISAM) to make it a very cost-effective solution,” said Dave Geary, head of Alcatel-Lucent’s Wireline activities. “Moreover, by integrating OTDR in our Motive Network Analyzer where it is combined with a number of complementary technologies, we can provide a comprehensive and end-to-end view of service providers’ fiber networks.”

Further, by keeping the network fully operational, cash flow is maintained and new services can be introduced smoothly, which is an important benefit for any service provider. This makes for a unique value proposition, according to Geary.

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