Alepo powers Wi-Fi offload at ETB

Alepo, a provider of core network and IT software solutions for telecoms, said that La Empresa de Telecomunicaciones de Bogota (ETB), has launched Wi-Fi Offload solution in Bogota, Colombia.

In 2015, Alepo assisted ETB to modernize ADSL network by supplying AAA solution.

Alepo said its Wi-Fi Offload solution supports ETB to expand its data coverage with a combination of LTE and Wi-Fi Hotspot services to ensure that ETB subscribers can enjoy a consistent and convenient data experience.

“As part of ETB’s major multi-year transformation, we recognize that a multi-access network approach to IP-based services will give ETB subscribers the most comprehensive, cost-effective, and sophisticated customer experience possible,” said Daniel Federico Vasquez, CTO at ETB.

Alepo integrated its Wi-Fi Offload platform with ETB’s LTE Home Subscriber Server (HSS). The Alepo solution can authenticate ETB subscribers to the Wi-Fi hotspot without requiring them to manually log on to the Wi-Fi hotspot network at each use.

“With Alepo’s Wi-Fi Offload solution, ETB is assured of a tested and proven solution designed to ease OPEX, increase customer satisfaction, and adapt to the operator’s evolving business and network needs,” said Ramiro Costa, Latin America Regional Director at Alepo.

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