Alfresco launches new Cloud connected content platform for enterprise tablet productivity

By Telecom
Lead Team:
has launched Alfresco Enterprise 4, offering an
intuitive, HTML5-enabled interface for social content collaboration and
enhanced mobile access to enable enterprise tablet adoption.


The new Cloud
connected content platform from the social content management company will also
ensure seamless integrations with business productivity tools, like GoogleDocs,
Microsoft Office & Quickoffice HD.


In addition,
Alfresco Enterprise 4 is the foundation for Alfresco in the cloud, a new, truly
multi-tenant cloud collaboration service by Alfresco.


With Alfresco
Enterprise 4, Alfresco is launching the first step in a new approach to content
management that equips organizations to address the needs of today’s mobile,
social and global workforce.


connected content is accessible from any device and can be integrated and
synced with other cloud services.


The company
claims that legacy proprietary ECM vendors can’t deliver cloud connected
content because they are trapped in last-generation architectures and business
models. Cloud-only upstarts can’t deliver cloud connected content because
their one-size-fits-all, cloud-only approach and lack of rich metadata and
workflow can’t meet the needs of complex organizations.


Never before
has the focus of enterprise software been so squarely on empowering users to
not just get work done, but to do great work by collaborating anywhere, on any
device, with the tools of their choice.  Alfresco is the company best
positioned to bring enterprise requirements and the power of the cloud together
to create real value for both companies and their employees,” said John Powell,
CEO and co-founder of Alfresco.


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