Alkami Technology launches new Online Banking Solution


Alkami Technology announced the launch of the Online
Relationship Builder (ORB), their next generation online banking


ORB was designed to address the product gaps in the
market today and is much more than a modern replacement for online banking. ORB
supports Retail, Business and Mobile banking on a single, unified platform.  It also integrates smart,
social media brand-building, as well as strategic marketing tools throughout
the system.


ORB is a financial hub designed to be a destination that
users can visit frequently for more than just accounts visibility, transfers,
and bill pay functions – but also to use the system as an informative resource


For the financial institution, the Alkami software delivers unprecedented extensibility. Capable of endless add-on
services and products, the system can be easily managed to accept new products
indefinitely without sacrificing continuity. Each financial institution
can modify the user interface layer, utilizing Alkami’s development kits, to
create a unique user experience for their customers and members.


“The system has supreme functionality, and we put
enormous effort into the design, but we know there will be products and
services in the future we haven’t even thought of yet.  That is why we
placed such a focus on adaptability and extensibility,” said Stephen
Bohanon,  president, Alkami.


The ORB Platform also removes the difficulty of
supporting the multiple browsers, desktop operating systems and smartphones
that exist today.  Portability was a major priority for Alkami during the
development phase. “Apps are really raising the level of
expectations for user experience.” 


However, supporting all the different software and device
platforms can be a daunting task since it is a constantly moving target. The
solution provides the user with the elegant, interactive feel of apps without
all the headache of supporting them..   


The Alkami user interface was developed using
industry-standard browser technology without the need for any plugins or other
downloadable software. Whether a user is on their desktop, tablet device
or smartphone, only a browser is necessary.


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