Alltel Wireless taps Oracle Retail to support stores

Telecom Lead America: Allied Wireless Communications has
deployed Oracle Retail Stores Solutions across its retail locations in the
United States.

Alltel is leveraging Oracle Retail software to help
improve store operations, tighten inventory control, simplify the purchase
process, and improve the customer experience.

“Oracle Retail will help provide the insight,
operational optimization and scalability required for Alltel Wireless to
continue growing its business. By using Oracle Retail to simplify and improve
store operations, Alltel can focus on customer service and growth,” said
Mike Webster, senior vice president and general manager, Oracle Retail.

As part of the deployment, Alltel has streamlined the
payment process, reduced complexity for the sales team. The company could
capitalize on the strengths of cash and inventory management tools to access
reliable, real-time data, regarding store transactions and expects to use that
insight to improve store, merchandising and inventory decisions.

“As a start-up company, we required a reliable
solutions provider that had the tools we needed to get our business up, running
and growing. Oracle Retail has helped us establish a transaction environment
that is guided and accurate so that our employees aren’t left open to make
mistakes. Ultimately, we are delivering a better in-store experience for
customers,” said Sandy Morgan, director of IT Operations, Alltel Wireless.

Oracle Retail Store Inventory Management helps Alltel
manage its retail and business accounts, warehouse stores and outside vendors.
Moreover, Alltel benefits from accurate reporting based on inventory levels and
sales and efficient shipping and receiving schedules to maintain optimized

Moreover, Alltel integrated the Oracle Retail
applications with its billing platform so that orders from resellers, call
centers, and retail stores can be processed in the same format using consistent
data and reporting functions.

Alltel is using Oracle Retail Point-of-Service and Oracle
Retail Store Inventory Management for stock control and cash payment functions
to inform merchandising and inventory decisions, eliminating the need to invest
in a full merchandising system.

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