Amdocs achieves significant benchmark for Convergent Charging and Service Control Platform

By TelecomLead Team: Amdocs, a provider of customer
experience systems, announced it has achieved a new benchmark integrating its Convergent
Charging and Service Control Platform (SCP) products on IBM BladeCenter servers
and IBM Storwize Unified Storage Systems.


The announcement
was made at the Mobile World Congress 2012.


The benchmark
demonstrated support for 220 million prepaid and postpaid customers, the
largest benchmark customer base ever reported.


The test was
conducted at IBM Telecommunications Infrastructure Center for Business Support
Systems in Montpellier, France. It proved the performance, reliability and
cost-efficient scalability of Amdocs products. These results translate into a
better end-user experience and substantial cost savings for the service
provider, according to Amdocs.


providers today understand the importance of integrating network and BSS
capabilities to monetize new services and deliver a differentiated customer
experience,” said Rebecca Prudhomme, vice president of product and
solutions marketing at Amdocs.


 “Amdocs delivers on this through the
integration of our SCP and real-time convergent charging engine. This benchmark
validates the ability of our integrated approach to support the largest service
providers in the world using cost-effective, commercial hardware systems,” Prudhomme added.


The Amdocs
Convergent Charging product is based on Amdocs’ innovative Turbo Charging
technology and performs real-time rating and account balance management with a
single charging engine, supporting all lines of business, service types,
customer types and payment methods. Amdocs Convergent Charging integrates with
Amdocs SCP, which manages service and credit authorizations in real-time. 


The benchmark
proves reliability and stability of the solution to support real-life, complex
price plans. It also proves carrier-grade performance: 435 million busy
hour call attempts (BHCA) measured for a customer base of 220 million,
comprised of 184 million prepaid customers and 36 million postpaid customers.


Benchmark was
performed on the smallest footprint of cost-effective, commercial, hardware
systems ever reported to process 37 billion prepaid and postpaid events running
simultaneously. Only 12 IBM BladeCenter HS22V servers were required for Amdocs
Convergent Charging, and an additional 8 were required for Amdocs SCP. 


Amdocs is
exhibiting at Mobile World Congress.


World Congress: Amdocs unveils Cloud-based mobile payments solution

Amdocs has
launched Amdocs Mobile Payments, a cloud-based gateway, enabling mobile
operators to cost-effectively scale their mobile payments business for both
prepaid and postpaid customers.

payments that are charged via the carrier offer consumers the convenience of
charging purchases directly to their mobile phone bill, prepaid balance or
mobile wallet.


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