Amdocs launches Customer Management 8.1

Amdocs, a provider of customer experience systems, announced the launch
of Amdocs CM 8.1, a suite of customer management products.

Designed to redefine and improve the overall user experience for
customer service representatives (CSRs), Amdocs CM 8.1 increases agent
efficiency and productivity with intuitive tools to offer a consistent response
to customer inquiries.

Service providers across North America, Europe and Asia are already
demonstrating demand with several Amdocs CM 8.1 business wins.

“Improving the customer experience does not have to come at the
expense of increasing support costs,” said Rebecca Prudhomme, Amdocs vice president of product and solutions marketing.

Amdocs CM 8.1 provides a simplified and intuitive user interface for
CSRs in contact centers and retail stores including tablet support; better
tools for handling the growing volume of smartphone-related support calls; and
process automation for faster order taking.

New functionality and benefits include:

Amdocs Customer Interaction Manager 8.1 can cut average handling time by
up to 15 percent and training costs by up to 20 percent by reducing the number
of customer info screens and by intuitively guiding agents for faster problem
resolution with context-sensitive recommended CSR actions. 

Amdocs Ordering 8.1 can reduce agent time for order capture by up to 10
percent* and maintain full bundle offerings with new pending order sequencing
and a “stuck order” handling tool that automates fixes.

Amdocs Device Care 8.1 can reduce average handling time of smartphone
device-related calls in the call center by up to 20 percent through automated
diagnostics and over-the-air updates that allow CSRs to communicate directly
with the device to resolve issues.

First call resolution can also be increased by up to 30 percent as the
rules-based diagnostic engine guides the agent to the solution more quickly.
Correctly configuring new devices and educating the customer about them in the
store meanwhile reduces costly returns of non-faulty devices by up to 40

Amdocs Retail Interaction Manager 8.1 can cut handling time for in-store
orders by up to 50 percent via its tablet-based, task-driven UI that guides the
in-store sales representatives. Amdocs Retail Interaction Manager also enables
the store representative to provide needs analysis and personalized offers,
increasing conversion rates from browse to buy by up to 20 percent.

“With competition for acquiring and retaining customers
intensifying, providing a superior customer experience has become a prime
differentiator for global service providers,” said Mary Wardley, vice
president, Enterprise Applications, IDC.

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