Amdocs launches the latest CES 10 at MWC 2016

Amdocs BSS
At the Mobile World Congress (MWC 2016), Amdocs unveiled the company’s latest product portfolio, the Amdocs CES 10.

The portfolio includes Amdocs CES Packaged Offering for Multi-Play, a new implementation framework with pre-packaged business support systems/operational support systems (BSS / OSS), big-data capabilities and business processes.

“Service providers are increasingly realizing how much progress they need to make to compete as digital service providers,” said Andy Hicks, research director, Telecoms and Networking, EMEA at IDC.

“Not only do they have to bring products to market much more quickly, they need to integrate their technology and business stacks, and unify their different channels to the customer.”

Amdocs also announced an enhanced digital services portfolio to support and accelerate service providers’ transition from traditional to digital business models.

Amdocs CES 10 new and enhanced capabilities also include Care and Commerce,  B2B, IoT platform, , Amdocs Data Hub, Unified Master Enterprise Catalog, Service Design and Create and Network Cloud Service Orchestrator, to cater various business needs.

Amdocs also announced the Amdocs IoT Monetization Platform, a cloud-based multi-tenant platform, enabling telecom service providers to maximize the potential of IoT services. The Amdocs platform allows service providers to quickly onboard enterprise and original equipment manufacturer (OEM) partners and bill consumers purchasing IoT products and services directly, or via the consumer’s bill with the service provider.