American Megatrends unveils StorTrends 3400i in India

American Megatrends India, a provider of
embedded, Storage and Telematics solutions, announced the launch of StorTrends
3400i in India.


An IP-SAN (Internet Protocol Storage Area
Network) storage system, StorTrends 3400i, consists of two Quadcore processors
with one processor per controller. This configuration makes StorTrends 3400i an
ideal storage solution for Enterprises.


StorTrends 3400i features the latest version of
StorTrends iTX Data Storage Software, StorTrends iTX 2.8, which is optimized
for this platform and designed to leverage the power and reliability of its
dual controller design. With its advanced 64-bit architecture, iTX 2.8 provides
outstanding Disaster Recovery from physical and network catastrophes, with
8,048 read only/writeable snapshots.


Based on requirement,
storage capacity can be increased by cascading StoreTrends 3201i JBOD units
behind the StorTrends 3400i head. With the ability to expand, by adding up to
four StorTrends 3201i JBODs, StorTrends 3400i enables organizations to solve
all their data storage pain points with a single StorTrends system.


Along with its SAS
expander for JBOD expansion, the option to add two additional NIC ports or 10
GB Ethernet helps in faster performance.
With 6 Gbps SAS interface,
StorTrends 3400i supports multi drive technologies, from the high performance
flash-based Solid State Drives (SSD) to low cost SATA drives.


StorTrends 3400i also features SMART Awareness, which
gives early warnings to administrators on probable drive failures thereby
enabling them to take necessary precautions. With ManageTrends web GUI, vital
information about the drives is reported alongside the overall health status of
the storage system.


Enterprise Storage is a key focus area for American
Megatrends India. StorTrends 3400i, which was launched in the US market last
quarter, is a very advanced offering in the IP-SAN category.


With its dual controller configuration and highly
sophisticated software, StorTrends 3400i is an IP SAN storage system which will
effectively address all storage needs – high availability, redundancy,
scalability, replication, disaster recovery and multiple site backups with
guaranteed performance – of our Enterprise customers in India,” said Sridharan
Mani, director & CEO, American
Megatrends India


American Megatrends India plans to market StorTrends
3400i through its channel partners across the country.


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