American Roamer Selected by Allied Wireless, Union Wireless and Cellcom for CellMaps

American Roamer, the worldwide mapping intelligence source for the mobile and network ecosystem, announced Allied Wireless, Cellcom and Union Wireless selected American Roamer’s CellMaps, an interactive mapping platform, to enhance customer service offerings.
CellMaps enables customers to rapidly and economically deploy customized mapping applications to their web sites. Operating in the cloud, CellMaps provides customers with a dynamic and interactive solution to reduce the need for additional customer support resources. The application helps customers sharpen their competitive edge by giving end users a clear picture of network coverage and tailored views of information, such as store locations.
American Roamer works to create a customized interactive look and feel to meet our customer’s efforts to acquire and retain subscribers,” said Ray Westbrook, senior vice president of sales at American Roamer. Our talented team of graphic designers, computer scientists, GIS specialists and telecommunications industry experts deliver maps that are accurate and extremely easy to use, while providing valuable information to current and future end-users.”
Using CellMaps, American Roamer’s customers have the ability to see where wireless coverage is available down to the street level and create a tailored view using legends on the map. CellMaps displays information including 2G, 3G and 4G services, and can be updated to show advanced service offerings. Additional information can also be incorporated, arming back office customer care with an easy to use tool to better satisfy end users’ needs.
American Roamer is also capable of integrating CellMaps with other mapping platforms for a customized look. As an example, the company integrated Google Maps into the Allied Wireless CellMaps deployment to provide Allied Wireless customers with easy access to information regarding store and agent locations.
American Roamer maintains the largest wireless coverage database in the world and offers products and solutions, such as CellMaps, for retailers, operators or other businesses relying on wireless technologies.

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