Anite announces enhanced LTE testing capabilities for Development Toolset

Anite, a provider of wireless device testing technology, announced that its Development Toolset (DT) solution now supports extensive LTE (Long Term Evolution) Multi-RAT (Multiple Radio Access
Technology) testing.

Anite’s Development Toolset is a comprehensive suite of tools that supports the entire wireless device development ecosystem, from pre-silicon protocol module development through to
systems integration and verification.

By using this DT solution, chipset and device manufactures can comprehensively test dual or multimode devices. As the industry embraces LTE, mobile network operators are requesting devices that support LTE as well as legacy technologies such as GSM, WCDMA, and even CDMA2000.

Anite is the only provider of chipset and device test solutions to offer LTE Multi-RAT testing on a host platform. Anite’s Development Toolset enables device and chipset manufacturers to fully
validate their LTE Multi-RAT implementation in a proven test environment at a very early stage on host as well as on a more traditional target test platform.

“The availability of LTE Multi-RAT functionality in Anite’s intuitive and flexible Development Toolset means that chipset and device manufactures can easily and rapidly develop complex LTE Multi-RAT tests, thereby achieving higher productivity and shorter development time scales,” said Paul Beaver product director, Anite.

The Development Toolset’s easy-to-use graphical interface (Scenario Mode) allows test development to be carried out in a scalable environment.

This solution now offers the possibility to perform complex LTE Multi-RAT Circuit Switched Fallback (CSFB) scenarios, which provides voice support on LTE networks in the early stages of LTE deployment. It also supports Packet Switched Handover (PSHO), which offers the ability to
perform sustained data transfer across LTE and legacy networks.

“With these features in Development Toolset, manufacturers can transform their test programmes to make them truly comprehensive and extremely versatile. Vendors can be sure that Anite’s
Development Toolset is removing risk from the development process and accelerating LTE device maturity,” Beaver added.

Development Toolset’s extensive LTE technology roadmap and high level control of test creation allow tests to be carried out according to a manufacturer’s specific needs and distinct

Recently, Anite announced that it has bolstered the capacity and global reach of the test house CETECOM’s carrier acceptance and conformance test services, with its cost-effective Floating License.

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