Anite leads LTE conformance testing

Anite announced that the company is maintaining its leading position within LTE protocol conformance testing by delivering the most number of test cases for the pending deployment of Band 04 in the USA for Verizon and Band 05 in Korea for SK Telecom & LG U+.

With the Global Certification Forum’s (GCF) announcement that TD-LTE Band 38 achieved its Certification Entry Criteria, Anite’s Conformance Toolset is the only protocol conformance test solution capable of the comprehensive testing necessary for device manufacturers launching their Band 38 mobile devices with China Mobile.

Anite is the leader in LTE test cases and further extends its capabilities with the widest coverage of LTE and TD-LTE bands. As a result, device manufacturers using Anite’s toolset can quickly and confidently bring their devices to market as carriers go live across LTE bands.

Anite has been able to meet the protocol certification needs of manufacturers for all devices launched to date. This has led to Conformance Toolset  becoming the preferred solution for device manufacturers launching new devices as global network operators accelerate their rollout of LTE networks.

“Anite continues to demonstrate that it is the global leader in testing technology for the wireless industry, with the broadest and most comprehensive protocol conformance test case coverage,” said Paul Beaver, products director, Anite.

Anite’s highly-skilled conformance team works in close partnership with the manufacturers who are breaking new ground with LTE. This is because we are the first and only test equipment vendor to meet all of GCF’s stringent requirements for both FDD LTE and TD-LTE protocol test cases, making Conformance Toolset the preferred solution for device manufacturers wishing to rigorously test their next generation LTE wireless devices.

Taking the risk out of development, reducing costs and shortening time to market are key benefits delivered to Anite customers. As well as test case leadership, Anite’s Conformance Toolset offers unparalleled ease of use which allows for the automation and simplification of the test process.

Anite’s LTE leadership builds on its comprehensive portfolio of leading 3GPP protocol solutions. From GSM through EDGE and WCDMA to the latest HSPA+ standards, Anite enables developers to adopt a total end-to-end test philosophy for all of their wireless testing needs, using proven and trusted solutions that offer rapid return on investment.

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