Anite Supports First-Class Testing Capabilities for CETECOM

Anite announced that it has bolstered the capacity and global reach of the test house CETECOM’s carrier acceptance and conformance test services, with its cost-effective Floating License.
This licensing solution provides CETECOM with Anite’s complete suite of wireless device testing software and hardware shared between laboratories spanning the globe.

CETECOM, a telecommunications and IT product test house, has responded to a growing demand from the device manufacturing sector to ensure their products meet the individual requirements of each carrier network they are deployed with.
Anite’s Floating License allows the flexible testing of a vast array of devices across global jurisdictions.

CETECOM now has a comprehensive set of device testing solutions, across its worldwide locations, to help manufacturers to ensure their mobile devices are optimized to meet industry standards and network specifications.
“Anite’s Floating License solution supports our strategy of providing complete testing coverage worldwide,” said Thorsten Stabenau, director Corporate Marketing and Sales, CETECOM.
CETECOM’s globally located users can dynamically reserve licenses held on a dedicated central server. This enables CETECOM to offer its clients a superior service, with no cost or delay endured, as test devices are shipped to distant laboratories – a key advantage in bringing products to market much more rapidly.

“The complexity of devices and mobile operators’ expectations of quality are increasing,” said Paul Beaver, products director, Anite.
“However, this provides a huge opportunity for test businesses like CETECOM for solid growth. To achieve this, testing houses need the flexibility to meet the demands of device manufacturers, who mostly have globally-based operations, by responding rapidly at the point of need. Anite’s innovative and cost-effective solutions give our customers the agility and capability they need to succeed,” Beaver added.

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