Anite supports LTE-Advanced feature CoMP

Wireless equipment testing supplier Anite has introduced support for Coordinated Multipoint (CoMP), a key feature in LTE-Advanced, in its interoperability, performance and conformance device test solutions SAS and Conformance Toolset.

CoMP improves the coverage and data throughput for cell-edge users by coordinating transmission and reception of multiple, geographically separated base stations. This improves network utilisation, reduces interference and enhances reception. Mobile subscribers will gain from better quality of experience, irrespective of whether they are close to the centre of an LTE cell or at the cell-edge.

Anite’s SAS and Conformance Toolset device test solutions support uplink and downlink CoMP as well as different Transmit Modes (TM) including TM 10, as per 3GPP standards.

SAS is Anite’s interoperability and performance test solution for mobile operators’ device acceptance programs. On the other hand, Anite’s conformance test solution offers leading GCF and PTCRB test case coverage.

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