Anite takes LTE data performance to the next level

Anite announced the availability of a new solution – that will include carrier based scripts for LTE data throughput performance to address the need for LTE data performance testing in the laboratory environment.

The new solution has taken into consideration the data throughput requirements of major LTE network operators. Anite’s LTE data performance solute on is based on SAS (Anite’s industry-leading network simulator for device interoperability testing), the Anite 9000 Mobile Test Accelerator platform, and Azimuth Systems ACE MX advanced channel emulator.

The ACE MX is architected to meet the needs of OFDM and MIMO based wireless systems in addition to the emulation requirements of 2G/3G systems. Supporting all industry-standard bands and channel models for LTE, WiMAX, 2G/3G and Wi-Fi, the ACE MX is renowned for its ease-of-use and features that support advanced channel modelling and propagation conditions.

“New mobile devices need to conform to strict industry and operator specific criteria, and thereby live up to user expectations when launched,” said Paul Beaver, product director, Anite.
“With LTE data performance now also under the spotlight Anite can help ensure that LTE devices will perform as expected and accelerate their time to market. These new LTE carrier acceptance scripts offer a cost-effective option for SAS customers who are also interested in LTE data
performance testing,” Paul added.

“The integration of SAS with ACE MX provides Anite’s customers with the best-in-class solution for their LTE data performance testing needs,” said Peter Paglia, senior vice president of field
operations, Azimuth Systems.

“This solution enhances the consideration of real-world conditions in the laboratory environment so that customers can test the signaling and data behavior of LTE devices in a faster and more
cost-efficient way,” Peter added.

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