Anritsu adds cloud-based solution for tower and DAS

T&M vendor Anritsu Company has unveiled SkyBridge Tools, a cloud-based trace judgment solution for tower and in-building Distributed Antenna System (DAS) installations.

SkyBridge Tools, which promises reduced cost and better RoI by automating the trace judgment process, serves as a data warehouse for contractors who are installing or modifying equipment for network operators.

Anritsu said SkyBridge Tools allows field telecom technicians to understand their project work, validate in-building DAS or tower installations, and deliver accurate results. Users can store and judge line sweep traces, OTDR traces, passive intermodulation (PIM) traces, site photos, required construction documents, and any other electronically-formatted deliverables on a SkyBridge Tools account.
SkyBridge Tools
The T&M company said users can view an overview of the deliverable status via a dashboard or can access full detailed reports through SkyBridge Tools. Users can download all reports as PDF or ZIP files to authorized personnel.

Users can made pass/fail judgments wherever there is Internet access, allowing field technicians to confirm that traces meet required standards while in the field, reducing return visits and lowering operating costs. SkyBridge Tools assists users to increase initial network operator acceptance of the traces and other work verification because traces can be routinely checked during the job to reduce rework time.

Among the testing instruments that can work with SkyBridge Tools are the current generation of Site Master handheld cable and antenna analyzers, PIM Master passive intermodulation analyzer, OTDRs, and video inspection probes. SkyBridge Tools is compatible with web-browsing devices using current versions of Chrome and Firefox.

Baburajan K
[email protected]