Anritsu brings isotropic antennas for EMF radiation testing

Anritsu Company adds Isotropic Antenna
Test and measurement company Anritsu today announced the launch of isotropic antennas that provide frequency coverage from 9 kHz to 6 GHz — for EMF radiation testing.

The launch is part of the expansion of its Electromagnetic Field (EMF) Measurement System range, said Anritsu.

Anritsu in a press statement said that that the isotropic antennas are compatible with certain LMR Master, Spectrum Master, and Cell Master handheld analyzers. The Anritsu antennas support measurements of EMF radiation to ensure wireless networks are in compliance with various national standards.

The wireless test solutions company said two isotropic antennas employ tri-axis sensors with an integrated RF switch device, microcontroller and memory. Each of the three sensors is positioned orthogonally inside the antenna housing to transmit/receive a spherical radiation pattern to measure all radiation at the antenna’s geographical position.

Firmware in the Anritsu handheld analyzer via a USB cable control the RF switch, microcontroller, and memory inside the antenna to ensure simple operation.

Anritsu also offers a third isotropic antenna with frequency coverage of 0.7 GHz to 6 GHz – targeting telecom operators who must conduct measurements in the cellular band.

Telecom engineers can conduct EMF testing on demodulated signals in various cellular channels, including LTE, TD-LTE, and W-CDMA standards, said Anritsu.

Baburajan K
[email protected]