Anritsu brings One-Button test capability to transport testing

Anritsu Network Master Pro MT1000A and Network Master Flex MT1100A
T&M vendor Anritsu Company has launched a One-Button Test capability for its Network Master Pro MT1000A and Network Master Flex MT1100A all-in-one transport tester platforms.

Simplification of the process of installing and maintaining the quality of high-speed core and metro networks is the primary objective of the introduction of one-button test capability.

The new capability enables telecom operators to easily implement their testing procedures and field technicians can complete jobs more quickly based on predefined requirements to reduce test times and costs while improving quality.

Anritsu, which competes with Keysight Technologies, Spirent and Viavi Solutions, has developed the Scenario Edit Environment Kit (SEEK) MX100003A, enabling users to create detailed test configuration files on a PC.

Anritsu says users can include contextual or graphical prompts while completing multiple sequential tests with user-defined pass / fail thresholds. They can load the file into the appropriate Network Master transport tester and save to the Utilities tab. Field engineers and technicians can connect to the cable, device or network under test and press the icon, saving time and ensuring accurate and consistent results.

Technology professionals responsible for operations management, network quality control and network expansion can create single-file test scripts, including multiple tests, such as electrical/fiber optical cable testing, BERT, RFC2544, and Y.1564.

Anritsu says the One-Button Test system supports creation of default test packages with minimum required adjustment by field technicians to reduce human error and time on the job. The technician can select the appropriate one-button test on the Network Master transport tester, follow on-screen instructions, and view the test results progress.