Anritsu enhances O/E modules for MS4640B Network Analyzer

Anritsu enhances MN4765B series of OE modules
Telecom network testing vendor Anritsu Company has enhanced its MN4765B series of O/E modules for the MS4640B VectorStar Vector Network Analyzer (VNA) family.

Telecoms will benefit as the MN4765B module, combined with MS4640B VNA, provides a simplified approach for optoelectronic measurements.

Anritsu Company said in a statement that with the MN4765B module, the MS4640B can conduct accurate, traceable corrected transfer function, group delay, and return loss measurements of E/O and O/E components and subsystems.

The MN4765B optical modules are designed with an InGaAs photodiode that converts modulated optical signals to electrical signals. The photodiode has exceptional bandwidth response to 70 GHz and 110 GHz.

Anritsu said it will also launch an option for the MN4765B that will allow the module to be used with the ME7838x series Broadband VectorStar VNA for accurate optoelectronic measurements over 70 kHz to 110 GHz in the 1550 nm range.

The broadband configuration extends the applications in which the optoelectronic solution can be used to universities and research labs. It uses a NIST-characterized photodiode as the primary standard relying on a non-characterized diode resulting in uncertainties of 3-5 dB.

The company claims that VectorStar VNAs provide more accurate measurements over single-sweep frequency ranges of 70 kHz to 20 GHz, 40 GHz, 50 GHz, 70 GHz, 110 GHz, 145 GHz and a variety of discrete bands to 1.1 THz.

R&D engineers can achieve the last fraction of a dB out of their designs and manufacturing engineers can maximize throughput without sacrificing accuracy, said Anritsu.

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