Anritsu launches new Thunderbolt Receiver test solution

Anritsu Company has launched a Thunderbolt Receiver Test Solution featuring the GRL-TBT3-RXA calibration and receiver test software.

The US-based testing technology major developed Thunderbolt Receiver Test Solution in association with Granite River Labs (GRL) and the MP1800A series of Signal Quality Analyzers.

This new solution simplifies receiver test calibration with good reproducibility to improve device evaluation efficiency, said Anritsu.

The Thunderbolt Receiver Test solution supports calibration of the complex test signals required for evaluating Thunderbolt devices and lightens the workload of test engineers. It features a MP1800A BERT, noise-generating signal source, and real-time oscilloscope controlled by the GRL-TBT3-RXA software.

The Anritsu MP1800A Signal Quality Analyzer BERT is part of a Thunderbolt Receiver Test Solution that also features the GRL-TBT3-RXA calibration.

The MP1800A, which is a wideband BERT, features better waveform quality and input sensitivity, supporting high-reproducibility Thunderbolt receiver tests and evaluation of high-speed serial interfaces, such as 100GbE and InfiniBand.

The GRL-TBT3-RXA software, allows one-button jitter tolerance tests of Thunderbolt devices in addition to simplifying calibration receiver test calibration. This apart, it features an intuitive interface to easily set measurement conditions and testing. Users can save all reports as PDF files, said Anritsu.

The company said receiver test for PHY devices using high-speed interfaces uses a stressed signal with added transmission loss, and jitter to assure compatible connectivity. The next-generation Thunderbolt 3 standard increases the bit rate per lane to 20.625 Gbit/s, which requires even higher precision calibration and measurement.

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