Anritsu SkyBridge tools offer 90% reduction in DAS testing times

Anritsu SkyBridge tools
Telecom testing solutions company Anritsu Company said the new version of its SkyBridge Tools cloud-based test management tool reduces the testing time for verifying distributed antenna systems (DAS) by 90 percent.

Anritsu, a U.S.-based technology company, said the newly launched SkyBridge Tools come with enhanced features to serve as a DAS Test Management Tool that automatically creates detailed test plans based on imported test criteria to simplify installation and commissioning of in-building wireless systems for timely reimbursement of work.

Customers can benefit as the new version of SkyBridge Tools, built on a Microsoft architecture, promises a more simplified test process to the DAS installation workflow. SkyBridge Tools are designed to accept information from iBwave designer, Excel, and customer-supplied test criteria. It processes data to create comprehensive test plans that enable test sequencing, job progress tracking, trace judgement, and report generation, said Anritsu.

The easyTest feature allows a set of one-button instrument control scripts to be created from a test plan. The tech company has included necessary tests as well as accurate instrument setups, limit lines, and required file names for the resulting traces in the script, reducing test time, miscommunications, and errors, said Anritsu.

Telecom engineers can create reports in different formats to automate. This apart, users can select PDFs, zipped files, or CSV format, with one row per test, said Anritsu.

The technology company claims that SkyBridge Tools is a significant advancement in improving the workflow of installing and commissioning DAS, which may require 1,000 to 15,000 traces, photos, and other deliverables to verify that the installation of a single system meets performance standards. Less time testing, more accurate tests, and reliable payment for work completed are the main benefits.

Contractors or owners / operators can utilize SkyBridge Tools to verify the completion of their work before receiving the payment from their clients. DAS system installers can work more efficiently as SkyBridge Tools automates the collection and validation of traces.

Tower installation contractors can use SkyBridge Tools to show their work meets customer standards. Network operators, public safety contractors, aircraft builders, and ship builders can also gain from SkyBridge Tools, said Anritsu.

Users can integrate SkyBridge Tools with a number of Anritsu field solutions to create a complete DAS test solution.

Vina Krishna
[email protected]