AOL in pact with VivaKi to accelerate online video ad spend

AOL, a global media company, announced its partnership
with VivaKi, the strategic entity that combines the media and digital assets
that sit inside of Publicis Groupe.

This partnership aims to explore the online video
advertising arena and continue to innovate and identify top performing ad
models that are best for advertisers, publishers and consumers.

This initiative will leverage the success and momentum of
VivaKi’s ongoing research effort, The Pool, which has conducted extensive
research and testing in the online video space. In its first three waves of
research or lanes,”¬Ě the ASq was selected as the most superior online video ad
model, out-performing the industry’s pre-roll standard.

We challenged the industry last year with the launch of
Project Devil in display, which helped us rethink how content and advertising
should be viewed on the Web, and we wanted to explore what the Devil principles
and philosophies could mean for video ad formats. There is still so much
opportunity for growth and innovation,” said Tim Armstrong, chairman and CEO,

The partnership between VivaKi and AOL will build on the
success of this model and identify other formats that provide more
personalization and social components within the online video user experience.
ASq is powered by VINDICO, a video ad management platform, which will also
serve the VivaKi-AOL partnership.

Since its inception in 2008, The Pool has launched nine
lanes globally and logged over 35,000 hours, working with over 100 different
companies while reaching 262 million consumers.

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