App Store Connect teams up with Tencent


ASC (App Store Connect), a provider of mobile app store
solutions in China, announced its strategic partnership with Tencent Mobile
Security Lab, one of the providers of mobile security solutions in China.


App Store Connect
will use Tencent’s app security testing and certification service to provide
users the assurance that the mobile applications offered by ASC-powered mobile
app stores have been thoroughly checked and are safe for download onto their
mobile devices.


The relationship with ASC, the mobile app store
provider in China, is the first strategic partnership Tencent has entered into
since unveiling its Mobile Security Lab based on its MTAA (Mobile Terminal
Assurance Architecture).


Through the partnership, mobile applications and contents
offered on the ASC-powered mobile app stores will be tested and certified using
Tencent’s cutting edge mobile security engine before distribution to consumers.


As a technology solution provider for mobile app stores,
ASC serves some of the main mobile device manufacturersand content providers.
We are committed to providing the highest quality of mobile contents to
consumers. Copyright and security are the key issues we are dedicated to
addressing since day one of our operations,” said Neo Zhang, GM of App Store


Tencent’s MTAA will strengthen our set of content
management technologies and set a higher standard of mobile content security
offerings,” Zhang added.


Tencent Mobile Security Lab has built a comprehensive
framework for strategic partnerships, and is open to cooperating with mobile
Internet industry partners,” said Ken Hu, vice president, Tencent 3G Product


App Store Connect represents some world-leading mobile
device manufacturers including HTC and thousands of mobile developers with
their high quality applications. Tencent Mobile Security Lab is glad to work
with ASC to further promote mobile security in China,” Ken Hu added.


According to the data from the China Internet Association
Anti-Virus Alliance, over 1,600 mobile viruses or malwares have been
identified, which infected 8 million mobile devices in 2010. Among which,
viruses like Virus Media” and Phone Skeleton” infected over 2 million and
830,000 phones respectively during the year. The rapid development of mobile
app stores and app download websites makes the spread of such viruses possible.


Industry experts remarked that coordinated efforts by the
entire industry chain are instrumental for improving mobile security in China.
App Store Connect is setting the pace and hopes that other mobile app store
providers will introduce mobile security solutions to control the spread of
mobile viruses at the source.


Tencent and ASC will also promote QQ Phone Manager
Application to provide security solutions at the end user level to further
protect the smartphone users.


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