Applied Micro ships 2 million 10G OTN ports to system providers

Telecom Lead America: Applied Micro Circuits Corp.,
has shipped two million 10G Optical Transport Network (OTN) ports to system

The company reached the milestone less than 18 months
after it achieved one million 10G OTN port 
shipments on
March 7, 2011, indicating an acceleration of the adoption of OTN to help meet
the growing needs for an increasingly connected global society.

The demand for 10G OTN is growing at a healthy rate,
creating a sustainable market where technology advances at the same pace.

The milestone of two million OTN ports shipped allows
AppliedMicro to maintain its leadership in this market. As demand remains high
for our 10-Gigabit solutions in both the transponder and LAN/WAN/OTN Carrier
Ethernet markets, our 40G and 100G OTN solutions are now in customer labs and
early field deployment will soon expand our company’s footprint. Interestingly,
the rapid growth of 10G OTN ports has been bolstered by its increased use in
edge routers, a market that AppliedMicro pioneered more than 4 years ago,” said
Francesco Caggioni, AppliedMicro’s Director of Strategic Marketing.

Annual global IP traffic is set to quadruple over the
next four years from 369 Exabytes in 2011 to an estimated 1.3 billion
Zettabytes in 2016, according to Cisco.

Growing bandwidth requirements are driven by higher
volumes of connected devices and increased use of video, cloud computing and
social networking applications. AppliedMicro OTN products help datacom and
telecom service providers expand the capacity of their networks to meet this

OTN switching and transport hardware together made up 45
percent of global optical equipment spending in the first half of 2011, and we
expect them to grow to 70 percent of the total by 2015, or $10.6 billion.
AppliedMicro has been an avid supporter of OTN since its inception and is a
major supplier of OTN silicon to equipment makers,” said Andrew Schmitt,
principal analyst, Optical for Infonetics Research.

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