Apprion extends ION video application with WiMAX for broadband video

Apprion announced new enhancements to what already
constitutes the most intelligent video surveillance system in manufacturing and
industrial facilities that remotely monitors and analyzes safety, security,
compliance and operational conditions.

ION WiMAX Video has a wider, sharper, longer and smarter
focus to more cost-effectively help users to reduce hazards and accidents,
improve safety, security and productivity as well as minimize the time and cost
of corrective remedial actions.

This fourth-generation of the ION Video system allows
operators in the safety of remote control rooms to survey all facility
conditions either continuously or when triggered by key events or motion with
greater video clarity, and across longer distances (up to 40 kilometers) by
utilizing wider bandwidth.

“The introduction of ION WiMAX Video shows that we
continue to invent, innovate and enhance our growing portfolio of wireless
applications that improve the safety, security and operational efficiency of
industrial environments in the manufacturing industry,” said Warren Smith,
VP of Products at Apprion

“Facilities in the process manufacturing sector
continue to age at the same time that regulatory mandates increase and
operations become more technologically complex. As a result, it’s imperative
for these industries to cost-effectively minimize risk and maximize
productivity with the latest and best industrial solutions,” Smith added.

ION WiMAX Video now utilizes a wider bandwidth capability
with 45 Mbps of throughput and up to 65,000 Packets per Second (PPS), avoids
the crowded 802.11 air space by utilizing the licensed 3.65 GHz frequency, and
seamlessly integrates with Apprion’s ION System to manage, monitor, view, alert
and record video no matter the backhaul link.

All video activity from various cameras linked to the ION
System can be indexed and readily available instantly. Operators evaluate
images and intelligence from the video application and from other applications
on their web-based dashboards to monitor environmental conditions, track assets
or VoIP audio communications.

Optimized Archiving enables security professionals to
rapidly search for past incidents and reconstruct them for analysis. The system
also can detect when there are attempts to tamper with the camera, count
objects of interest moving in and out of video streams or zones within streams,
capture faces within a video stream and send automated alerts of suspicious

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