Arista Networks expands Cloud networking portfolio

Arista Networks has launched four new switches to its 7050 Series family and
Arista EOS software enhancements.

The products are an expansion of Arista’s cloud networking portfolio and
provide the scalability, resilience and density customers with mission-critical
data centers and cloud computing facilities require.

“The delivery of 40 Gigabit Ethernet switches, puts our customers in the unique
position of building high density networks that scale for future growth, while
integrating existing 1/10 Gigabit Ethernet solutions,” said Anshul Sadana, vice
president, Customer Engineering for Arista Networks.

The Arista 7050Q-16 provides 16 ports of 40 GbE as well as the capability to
connect to eight ports of 1/10 GbE based on SFP+ interfaces. The built-in
solid-state drive (SSD) for high performance logging and local storage and the
latest in Intel microprocessor architecture, drives increased control
throughput, giving customers an affordable, top-of-rack spine alternative.

The new 7050T-64 and 7050T-52 Series leaf switches provide 48 ports of
100/1000/10GBase-T to server and storage nodes, supporting existing cabling of
distances up to 100 meters. This offers easy migration from existing 1/GbE to
10/GbE without intrusive upgrades. U.S. list price starts at $14,995
($312/port) making this solution a compelling, cost-effective deployment of
1/GbE today that is 10/GbE ready.

To address the SFP direct-attached servers or for fiber aggregation, Arista is
introducing the 7050S-52, providing 52 ports of GbE to complement the 7050S-64
announced earlier this year.

Enhancements to Arista’s leading Zero Touch Provisioning (ZTP) system creates
the first stateless networking deployments for intelligent, multi-layer
switches. With ZTP customers can automate the deployment, replacement and
upgrading of a switch.

MLAG with In Service Software Upgrade (ISSU) allows for a network upgrade
without any application downtime, boosting the overall availability of the
network in a cloud data center.

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