ARM announces free toolkit for Android application developer community




ARM announced it has launched a free-to-use
edition of its reference software development toolkit, ARM Development Studio 5
(DS-5) Community Edition (CE).


DS-5 Community Edition enables the Android
application developer community to create native software for compute intensive
tasks that can run up to 4 times faster than Java code. DS-5 CE complements the
standard SDK and NDK Android development kits.


“With over half a million apps on the
Android market today, developers need to deliver an outstanding user experience
to succeed commercially,” said John Cornish, executive vice president and
general manager, system design division, ARM.


DS-5 Community Edition features a tailored
version of the ARM Streamline Performance Analyzer for use with compatible
Android development platforms. Streamline captures detailed, system-wide
performance statistics from a variety of sources, which helps developers to
locate hotspots in their code and isolate potential causes. Platform builders
can add support for Streamline by integrating an open source driver available
from the Linaro website.


DS-5 Community Edition includes limited,
but essential functionality from the premium DS-5 toolkit to help solve common
Android application developer pain points. It achieves this by providing an
integrated graphical debugger for NDK-generated code and visibility of advanced
processor information, including ARM NEON Single Instruction Multiple Data
(SIMD) registers.


The new toolkit allows development of Java
and C/C++ code in the same Eclipse integrated development environment (IDE) to
maximize productivity and ease of use.


“ARM DS-5 Community Edition offers
developers an easy to use environment for debugging and optimizing C/C++ code.
This allows them to take full advantage of ARM processor technology using
native code to deliver the performance and functionality that consumers
demand,” Cornish added.


Recently, ARM announced the use of
a wide range of ARM technology in Panasonic
Corporation’s UniPhier MN2WS0220 SoC for Internet Connected Digital
TV applications.


ARM technology used in the UniPhier
MN2WS0220 SoC includes high performance, low-power dual-core ARM
Cortex-A9 MPCore processors running at up to 1.4GHz (typical
conditions), ARM CoreLink NIC-301 Network Interconnect and the ARM
Cortex-A9 POP for Low Power (LP) process.



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