Ascom brings new solutions for wireless network testing

Ascom Network testing
Ascom Network Testing announced new solutions and product enhancements for testing wireless networks.

TEMS reduces the cost and time of deploying and optimizing networks by using enhanced cloud and remote management options together with workflow expertise.

Ascom’s TEMS solution offers improvements in data collection in analytics, and in overall workflow of a network engineering team spread across field and office.

Ascom is launching the DriveTester module for TEMS Investigation for data collection and analysis.

DriveTester, a intuitive data collection solution for use of TEMS Investigation by non-experts, is designed to automate work processes and cut the complexity and training for drive testing, reducing the error rate, the number of site visits, and the cost.

Ascom is introducing TEMS iBuildNet, an HetNet solution for both indoor and outdoor pedestrian networks, and enhanced features in TEMS Pocket and TEMS Discovery for near real-time access to statistical KPIs.

Ascom is launching TEMS FleetManager, a tool enabling managers to remotely distribute work instructions, view test progress and results in real time, and interact with field operations — for planning and real-time coordination of teams in the field.

TEMS FleetManager has demonstrated large reductions in the cost of drive testing and is now available for use with TEMS Investigation, TEMS Pocket and TEMS Symphony.

Rikard Lundqvist, general manager at Ascom Network Testing, said: “In addition to the advantages cloud storage and big data technology offer, we have been working with operators and vendors for some time to overhaul the way traditional drive testing and indoor testing are done.”

Image source: Ascom Network testing

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