Ashok Soota announces founding team of Happiest Minds

industry veteran Ashok Soota announced the launch of Happiest Minds along with
his founding team members, headed by CEO & MD Vikram Gulati.

Minds will provide services and solutions around new emerging technologies such
as cloud computing, social media, mobility, analytics and security.

shifting technology landscape provides opportunities and an entry strategy for
new players like Happiest Minds. These new technologies enable IT to become
more for transformational enterprises and measurable in terms of its business
impact. Happiest Minds will be differentiated by its sharp focus on these
technologies, focused solutions, people brand, deep domain expertise and
non-linear growth,” said Ashok Soota, executive chairman, Happiest Minds

Minds is built on three levers: next generation technologies, select solutions
and the framework for enabling happiness for the team and customers.

the proliferation of new emerging technologies, the next generation IT services
will require an integrated approach to deliver business solutions. Happiest
Minds was created to cater to these changing customer demands in order to keep
them ahead of the curve,” said Vikram Gulati, CEO & MD, Happiest Minds

Minds has appointed a Happiness Evangelist to nurture an atmosphere of vibrancy
and creativity. The Core Values of Happiest Minds (sharing, mindful, integrity,
learning, excellence) lend themselves to an acronym SMILES which will be the
beacon for the team.

members of the founding team include Ramakanth Desai, Co-CEO, IT Services
Business, Puneet Jetli, Co-CEO,
IT Services Business, Salil Godika, chief strategy & marketing officer and
industry group head, Dattatri Salagame, chief operating officer – IT services
business, Joseph Anantharaju, CEO, software products engineering business,
Aurobinda Nanda, chief operating officer, software products engineering
business, Prasenjit Saha, CEO, infrastructure management services and security
business, Raja Shanmugam, chief people
officer, Raja Sekher, head, engineering and business excellence, and Venkatesan
K, finance controller, who have spent two decades in the industry.

By Team
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