Asia Pacific to lead small cells market with 12 million shipments between 2013 and 2017

Telecom Lead Asia: Asia Pacific is likely to be the
largest market for small cells with over 12 million shipments between 2013 and


The Strategy Analytics Wireless Operator Strategies
report predicts that Public Femto Cells will ship in the greatest volume in
2013 and 2014 until Pico Cells overtake them in 2015.


From 2016 Metro Cells are expected to ship over 1 million
units a year while Public Femto Cells will ship over 2 million and Pico Cells
over 3 million.


Guang Yang, senior analyst for Wireless Operator Strategies,
at Strategy Analytics said over 2 million of the cumulative Asia Pacific
shipments are expected to be Metro Cells, but over 5.5 million will be Pico
Cells and another 4.5 million Public Femto Cells.


The report evaluates the market opportunity for specific
applications, presenting not only total shipment numbers but also forecasts of
the Served Available Market (SAM) for seven Use Cases to enable mobile
operators to match the right type of small cells to specific requirements.


Sue Rudd, director, Service Provider Analysis at Strategy
Analytics, said the Use Case requirements span from overloaded urban Hot Zones
to Macro Cells needing range extension to sites with sporadic traffic peaks
like football stadiums.


This analysis will help operators and infrastructure
vendors to develop business plans that optimize small cell technology for each
Use Case over the next 5 years and to penetrate these huge markets in the
decade beyond.


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