Asia Pacific Will Overtake North America in Direct Consumer Internet Revenues

Direct consumer Internet revenues are expected to reach $1 trillion globally by 2020. The Asia Pacific region will overtake both North America and Western Europe to account for 35 percent of total spending by 2015 and will continue to drive and dominate total revenues.



The ubiquity of mobile Internet access devices is increasing dramatically, while the ability to access and use the Internet over mobile devices is also contributing to the globalization of Internet use. Revenues from touch screen mobile phone device sales will grow from $361m in 2010 to $1.6bn in 2020, according to Market Research.



The shifting dynamics of the consumer Internet represent a great 


threat as well as opportunity to stakeholders. Dominant incumbents


 are in the most testing positions, since the dynamics of the


 future -- moves to mobility, towards Asia and to greater operator 


power -- mitigate against their established revenue base.



Real world utility’ for consumer use of the Internet today and in the near- to mid-term future will continue to change dramatically, destroying existing business models and creating new opportunities as it develops.



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