Asian telecom operator saves $2 million per month as Subex prevents Point of Sale fraud

Telecom Lead India: BSS provider Subex announced a top
Asian operator used ROC Fraud Management solution to prevent Point of Sale
fraud and saved $2 million in the first month of deployment.


Recently, Subex launched inline controls in its ROC Fraud Management
v7.4 for preventing subscription fraud, transaction fraud and handset loss. The
solution’s inline capability benefited the operator with its exceptional fraud
hit ratio of 62 percent in a month.


Thanks to the inline control framework in the ROC Fraud
Management solution, there is no need for POS staff to wait until the
fraudster is provisioned and later detected through behavioral rules and
profiling. The POS staff can make real-time decisions and accept, decline or refer
any subscriber to prevent fraudsters from entering the network. This also
prevents the fraudsters from walking away with valuable devices.


According to Communications Fraud Control
Association (CFCA) Fraud Survey Report of 2011, global Point of Sale fraud stands
at almost $5.5 billion. That is a huge threat to the industry and emphasizes
the vital need for service providers to deploy a solution to prevent the fraud
at the Point of Sale itself.


We are extremely pleased with the benefits our industry
leading ROC Fraud Management solution provides and the recent success at the
Tier 1 APAC operator is a true testimony of the huge potential and value the
solution delivers,” said Vinod Kumar, president at Subex.


With increasing involvement of telecom operators in mobile
money services, it is imperative for mobile operators to have strict policy
controls to not only detect, but prevent fraudulent transactions. The inline
controls not only prevent POS fraud but also helps operators validate any
transaction request in real time and prevent fraudulent transactions from being


Subex wins competitive bid for ROC Revenue Assurance solution
from Turkish operator


Recently, Subex announced it has been selected by Avea
Turkey, the sole GSM 1800 mobile operator and the youngest operator of Turkey,
to deliver the Revenue Operations Centre (ROC) Revenue Assurance


ROC Revenue Assurance from Subex is designed to
detect not only potential revenue loss, but also to assist operators with the
investigation, diagnosis, and recovery of these revenues and with their
on-going protection.


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