*ast Vseries video conferencing solution launched


*astTECS has launched *ast Vseries, an enterprise grade video conferencing solution.

The *ast Vseries promises superior audio and video delivery without the cost and complexity of traditional systems.

Video collaboration will be available across network, application or device while minimizing operational costs.


“Technology advancements, mainly the penetration of Open Source has enabled the arrival of mainstream video conferencing capability with lower costs, improved infrastructure availability and conferencing on normal equipments like laptop, desktop, mobile phone etc;  thereby achieving  mass acceptance and deployment,” said Devasia Kurian, MD of iTECS Communications.

*ast Vseries is capable of offering recording, multi-party video calling, desktop sharing with public and private chat option and document collaboration in real time.

Offered at affordable price range, the new video conferencing solutions can be used both SMBs and large enterprises.

picture source: .ivci.com

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