Astellia H1 revenues up 31 percent

Telecom Lead Europe: Astellia, a provider of monitoring
solutions for optimizing mobile network QoS and QoE, has posted 31 percent
increase in revenue to $22.2 million dollars for the first half of 2012 as
compared with the same period last year.

International revenues represented 86 percent of the
total revenues in the first half of 2012 reaching 15.4 million euros.

The 41 percent growth shows solid commercial performance
compared to H1 2011, which was temporarily weakened by the political and
economic downturn.

Astellia’s customers in Africa, the Middle East and the
Caribbean region have shown strong interest in the company’s solutions.

In North America, Astellia strengthened its presence with
a new office in Reston, Virginia, to increase its level of support to existing
customers. The sound revenue growth in the region mainly results from contracts
signed in 2011, especially with a Canadian operator.

In Europe, Astellia signed a contract with a leading
Austrian operator and expects to develop new business opportunities in Russia.

In France, H1 2012 revenues were 2.6 million euros (14
percent of total revenues). Astellia pursued its relationships with French
operators. The new competitive environment and the deployment of 4G technology
could open new opportunities in the coming months.

Christian Queffelec, CEO and co-founder of Astellia, said
Astellia has a good first half of the year, driven by a solid order book and
its continuous efforts to support international developments. These results
also endorse its investment strategy designed to develop quality technological
solutions, in tune with the current and future needs of customers and

In addition, its LTE monitoring solution conceived by its
R&D in 2011, is meeting increasing commercial success.

The company’s order book position stands at 23 million

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