*astTECS expands operations in South Africa

Telecom Lead America: *astTECS, a provider of end-to-end unified communications and enterprise mobility products based on Asterisk open source telephony solution, is expanding operations in South Africa.

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The company has partnered with Johannesburg based Allgent Communications to offer complete portfolio of *astTECS product line and a comprehensive Training Programme on Asterisk solutions to Asterisk users, customers and organizations in South Africa.

*astTECS product range caters to the Small and Medium Call Centre operations to Enterprise wide applications.*astTECS IP-PBX offers a wireless infrastructure, has GSM integration capabilities and offers features like: IVR, ACD, Voice Logger, Multiparty conference, Voice mail & Inbuilt Video Conferencing system.

“Partnering with Allgent Communications is an important part of our strategy as we plan to serve our customers and partners throughout South African Region,” said Levis Wilson, COO, *astTECS. “With common values and objectives, we look forward to leverage Allgent Communications expertise and provide clients with continued excellence and enhanced product line while offering complete Asterisk Training courses with a clear mission to help customers reduce costs, gain access to capabilities and increased efficiency across all industry verticals.”

“As part of the global expansion strategy, *astTECS is extending its presence and commitment in recognition of the huge potential of the South African market and the role of smarter Asterisk based Open source Telephony Products and Training Courses in transforming businesses in that region,” said Binish VJ, international business manager – South Africa Operations,*astTECS.

*astTECS launches video conferencing solution integrated in *astTECS IP-PBX

*astTECS recently launched a new video conferencing solution integrated in *astTECS IP-PBX.

This point to point and multi-point, voice conferencing capability in National Telecom Policy (NTP)-2012 compliant *astTECS IP- PBX effectively makes video conferencing affordable and accessible to businesses of all sizes.

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