AtHoc invests in eVigilo


AtHoc, the pioneer in Network-Centric Emergency Mass
Notification systems (EMNS), today announced a strategic investment in eVigilo,
a startup specializing in national-level citizen mass notification systems
using geo-targeted multi-channel alerting technology.


This business and technology alliance will accelerate the
worldwide launch of the industry’s first integrated agency and citizen-facing
EMNS for state, local and federal governments. AtHoc president and CEO, Guy Miasnik,
will also join eVigilo’s Board of Directors.


is the leader and innovator in the most demanding life safety markets in the
United States federal government, defense, homeland security, healthcare,
higher education and large commercial customers.


Its solutions are used at more than 2,000 locations and
protect approximately 2 million federal government personnel, positioning AtHoc
as the No. 1 vendor for the U.S. federal government for net-centric EMNS.


eVigilo developed the world’s first nationwide wireless
cell broadcast-based emergency mass notification platform for geo-based citizen
alerting. Its platform has been selected and deployed by highly demanding
countries including Israel and Chile.


“Recent natural disasters and rising threats of
violence have prompted national governments around the world to develop citizen
and government-agency alerting capabilities,” said Guy Miasnik, president
and CEO, AtHoc.


AtHoc’s investment in eVigilo and the formation of a
business alliance is targeted at addressing this growing demand. eVigilo’s
unique innovation in cell-broadcasting, highly talented team and experience in
citizen-alerting, combined with AtHoc’s expertise in unified enterprise
alerting for government and corporations, will deliver an unmatched solution to
national and local governments alike.


“We are excited to work closely with AtHoc and
leverage the strengths and advanced technologies of both companies to focus on
worldwide applications in the emergency mass notification arena. Our combined
solution using such technologies as cell broadcast, Internet and IP network,
mobile applications and integration with social networks will enable emergency
managers worldwide to alert people rapidly and save lives,” said Guy
Weiss, CEO, eVigilo,


AtHoc IWSAlerts integrated with eVigilo Alert Aggregator
IADC (Integrated Alert Distribution Center) enables government authorities to
initiate controlled, location-based emergency alerting to first responders,
senior leaders, personnel and surrounding communities.


Apart from employing net-centric alerting that unifies
multiple notification modalities of telephony, public communication devices and
network alerting, this unique solution also taps into existing cell phone
features for cell broadcasting the emergency message in times of crisis when
mobile networks become saturated and jammed due to high call volume.


AtHoc recently announced
that U.S. Africa Command (AFRICOM) has deployed AtHoc IWSAlerts to serve as the
network-centric alerting system for force protection of U.S. military personnel
in Africa and U.S. Africa Command staff stationed in Europe.


AtHoc IWSAlerts is deployed on-site at AFRICOM headquarters in Stuttgart, Germany,
integrating and unifying existing disparate mass notification capabilities and
enabling the rapid notification to Internet Protocol-connected devices


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