AT&T invests nearly $1.1 billion in Texas networks in H1 2012

Telecom Lead America: AT&T has invested nearly $1.1
billion in Texas wireless and wired networks in the first half of 2012.  


Network upgrades include activation of new cell sites or
towers to improve network coverage, deploying faster connections to enable 4G
speeds, and adding spectrum capacity to support additional traffic.


AT&T launched LTE in Dallas, Austin, Houston, Corpus
Christi, Bryan-College Station, and most recently Waco.


The American telecom service provider also deployed 14 new
cell sites; expanded capacity at another 124 sites throughout North Texas,
upgrades to network connections at over 400  sites and over 1300
carrier additions.


Four new cell sites were set up in: Austin (downtown),
Heights (Houston), Woodlands Oak Ridge (Houston), and Woller Creek (San
Antonio), more than 900 carrier additions, 150 Ethernet to cell site migrations
and 128 3G expansions completed in areas including: San Antonio, Austin,
Houston, Beaumont, Bryan-College Station, Corpus Christi, and the Rio Grande Valley.


AT&T network upgrades in Texas also include deployment
of new Wi-Fi hot spots and backbone network connections.


Dave Nichols AT&T Texas President said the ongoing
investment in Texas is designed to increase 4G coverage, reliability and
speed. The company will also invest in technologies like Wi-Fi and DAS to
help customers stay a step ahead.


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