AT&T, Motorola, Samsung to strengthen presence in enterprise mobility management services

AT&T, Motorola Mobility and Samsung Mobile are the latest companies
to announce their intent, or actual products and services, for managing
mobility in the enterprise.

Enterprise mobility management services, which include services to
manage mobile apps, devices, content, network services, expenses, policy, and
security, will grow to $11 billion worldwide by 2016.

“Suppliers are adding enterprise mobility management services to their
portfolio because of new revenue and services opportunities,” said Dan Shey,
practice director, mobile services, ABI Research.

The services opportunity is the growing penetration of smartphones and
media tablets in the enterprise.

In some world regions, smartphones and media tablet penetration will
grow to as high as 85 percent of all employees and 95 percent of
corporate-liable employees by 2016. Increased stickiness with existing customers
is another reason driving suppliers to offer mobility management services.

The fear arises from disintermediation if a supplier does not have a
complete mobile solution for the enterprise. Businesses will also seek to
consolidate around one or two suppliers for not only enterprise mobility
management services, but also management of all mobile systems and endpoints,
which include notebooks, PCs, and appliances.

But with expansion also comes consolidation. Expect more consolidation
of the MDM platform vendor channel, with the major delivery channels becoming
enterprise ICT vendors, operators, device OEMs, and a group of other
business-focused software and services vendors such as MSPs and major
resellers. The SMB market is still untapped, so the groups that succeed moving
forward are those that can serve both the large business and SMB markets.

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