AT&T taps RADCOM software for network virtualization

Telecom network operator AT&T today announced that it is using new service assurance software from RADCOM for migrating network probe functions to the cloud– as part of its Network function virtualization (NFV) strategy.

This strategy to select RADCOM supports AT&T’s shift to network virtualization. Virtualizing service assurance functions will boost performance optimization and help identify and isolate network issues to maximize customer experience.

As part of AT&T’s 2020 virtualization goal, the US telecom operator achieved 5.7 percent virtualization in its telecom operations in 2015.

AT&T is aiming 30 percent network virtualization in 2016. “Technologies like RADCOM’s MaveriQ software will help us accelerate to our goal towards virtualization,” said Susan A Johnson, senior vice president, AT&T Global Supply.

AT&T in a statement issued on Wednesday said that it believes that migration of network functions to software running on the cloud lowers cost and boosts capabilities and scale. Virtualizing probes will help with network visibility and performance monitoring.

AT&T will integrate the virtual probe (vProbe) functions into our network through ECOMP, AT&T’s infrastructure delivery platform that powers our software-centric network.

“We selected RADCOM because of its functional strengths, especially in virtualization, scalability, performance and efficiency. We will use its MaveriQ software to deploy vProbes as virtual network functions running on the AT&T Integrated Cloud (AIC),” said Susan A Johnson.

“We are on track in implementing the contract and have recently signed a product expansion, as well as a multi-year maintenance agreement that further strengthens our long-term relationship,” said Yaron Ravkaie, CEO of RADCOM.

RADCOM’s MaveriQ enables telecom operators such as A&T, Verizon, T-Mobile, Sprint, among others, to migrate to NFV while supporting both physical, hybrid and virtual networks. In the NFV environment, RADCOM’s offering delivers service assurance in a fully orchestrated and virtualized solution for on-demand probing, onboarding, automated vertical and horizontal scaling and self-healing.