Australia selects Accenture to build personal e-health system

Australia’s Department of Health and Ageing has selected
Accenture to design and implement the country’s Personally Controlled
Electronic Health Record (PCEHR) system. The initiative will span all
Australia-based health systems and enable patients with a single record to
manage care.

The PCEHR effort will enable patients with a greater
level of direct involvement in their own healthcare plan while clinicians will
be able to make more informed decisions with easier access to key medical data
such as health summaries, resulting in medication errors being reduced and a
significant reduction in the time and costs associated with redundant tests and
retrieving disparate information.

Accenture is proud
to lead Australia’s PCEHR effort, a key initiative for delivering efficient,
insight driven healthcare. Patients will have greater control and access to
health information, while providers have greater insight and context to make
informed health decisions,” said Brad Cable, who leads Accenture’s Health and
Public Service in Australia.  

The Department of Health and Ageing awarded Accenture the
contract as a result of the company’s global PCEHR implementation experience,
ability to tailor Accenture’s Connected Health Solutions to the specific needs
of the Australian healthcare system, along with the company’s previous
experience in executing large scale programs for the Australian government.

Accenture has a demonstrated track record in the
successful delivery of what is a very sophisticated system. Singapore’s
national electronic health record announced earlier this year was an important
factor in our selection, as it shows a true understanding of what is required
for an effective system,” said Nicola Roxon, Minister for Health and Ageing.

The Accenture team will be supported by Oracle in the
management of patient records and Orion Health for the consumer and clinician
portals, while Telstra will provide the Cloud IO hosting model through the
Telstra and Accenture alliance.

As announced last year, Australia’s Department of Health
and Ageing is investing $466.7 million over two years to establish the PCEHR
system, which is available by registration. The effort will allow patients to
control what is stored in health records, manage provider access and connect
medical records across national health systems.

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