Australian PM defends banning of Huawei

Telecom Lead Asia: Australian Prime Minister Julia
Gillard has defended banning of Chinese technology giant Huawei. Gillard said
that Australia has not spoiled its relationship with Beijing by banning
Huawei from helping to build a nationwide high-speed Internet network due
to concern about cyber attacks traced to China.


Julia added that the government’s decision was correct
and it had not broken any international trade rules or agreements with China.


China is Australia’s largest trading partner with whom a
free trade agreement is under negotiation.


“It is a decision open to the Australian government.
We’ve taken it for the right reasons through the right process based on the
right advice about a piece of critical infrastructure for our nation’s
future,” Gillard said.


The federal government has banned Huawei from participating in
Australia’s ambitious Aus$36 billion (US$38 billion) tenders to supply
equipment to broadband network.


However, yesterday, Huawei
termed the ban imposed by the Australian government as complete nonsense.


According to the federal government, concerns over cyber
attacks originating in China were the main reason for banning Huawei.


The ban highlights concern about Beijing’s cyber warfare
efforts, a wave of hacking attempts aimed at Western companies and the role of
Chinese equipment providers, which are expanding abroad.


Huawei has already expressed displeasure with Australia’s
decision. It has operated in Australia since 2004 and said it already works
with the country’s major telecoms companies. The company said it is building
similar networks in Britain, New Zealand, Singapore, Malaysia and other


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