Avaya assists nTelos Wireless to bring down costs and improve customer services

Telecom Lead America: American regional service provider
nTelos Wireless has tapped Avaya to bring down costs and improve customer


The telecom service provider utilized Avaya Customer
Experience Interaction Management solutions for contact center, speech and
workforce optimization.


nTelos Wireless serves 420,000 high-speed voice and data
subscribers across seven states in the U.S.


Avaya Customer Interaction Management solutions enabled
nTelos Wireless to resolve 97 percent of customer inquiries on the first call,
with a nearly perfect customer satisfaction rating of 99 percent.


John Mark Logan, senior network engineer, nTelos
Wireless, said by using Avaya Aura Experience Portal, its contact center is in
a much better position to incorporate new time-saving applications so agents
can focus on our customers. With Avaya Aura Workforce Optimization, it has
great tools to effectively manage workforce. This keeps costs in line while
still delivering excellent service.


With the support of an Avaya Aura communications
infrastructure, the regional service provider has set up a single, virtual
contact center to support its extended operations linking five regional
contact centers and 70 retail outlets.


Moreover, it achieved significant cost savings by
handling more than half of the 6.6 million customer calls received annually
using automated self-service capabilities. 


Avaya said a single automated access to balance
information application is saving the company more than 25,000 agent hours a


The company saved $72,000 annually on the cost of local
phone lines by using IP phones in 70 retail stores.


The Avaya solution also assisted the company to instantly
match customer calls to the expert best suited to handle them, ensuring a
better customer experience, reduced wait times and lower call abandonment


nTelos Wireless uses Avaya self-service applications
developed by Interactive Northwest to take advantage of the capabilities of
Avaya Aura and Avaya Aura Experience Portal.


Experience Portal provides a single software platform for
both inbound and outbound self-service applications across multiple media,
including phone, video, mobile devices, email and SMS text. Intelligent call
routing capabilities make it easy to orchestrate a seamless handoff from
self-service to an agent, improving the overall customer experience.


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