Avaya Identity Engines 8.0 offers unified network access without compromising enterprise security

Telecom Lead America: Avaya said its Identity Engines 8.0
delivers unified wired and wireless network access to employees, guests and
their devices without compromising enterprise security.

Avaya addresses the challenges of BYOD with a complete
solution for customers that spans applications, infrastructure and professional

Enhancements to the Avaya Networking portfolio will
enable enterprises to maintain greater security and control of their networks
as they adopt BYOD initiatives.

Avaya Identity Engines 8.0 introduces two significant new
capabilities that help eliminate the security risks of personal devices on a
corporate network and enable enterprises to grant secure, flexible network
access to individual users and their devices.

Ignition Access Portal delivers a unified access
experience for both wired and wireless users. It simplifies the administration
of BYOD with auto-registration and device fingerprinting capabilities,
providing IT staff with detailed visibility into the type and profile of
devices on the network and allowing them to act accordingly.

Ignition CASE Client automates the configuration of
devices for secure network access. It is a dissolvable client that helps ensure
that devices meet specific security requirements before being allowed onto the
network, and configures them without revealing the necessary certificates or
shared keys to users.

These new capabilities build on Avaya Identity Engines’
existing security and policy features to deliver a cost-effective way for
organizations to manage identity and network access for employees, guests and
an ever-growing assortment of devices in the enterprise.

“Given the funding cuts in education, it’s simply
impossible to provide devices to every student. We are putting together a BYOD
initiative that will solve this problem by allowing students to use their own
personal devices to gain access to educational resources. Network security is
extremely important to us and cannot be overlooked. Avaya Identity Engines’
ability to provide detailed visibility into the devices students will use to
access the network will enable us to restrict the level of access as required.
We will be able to retain security and control of our network at all times, and
students will get to use the devices they want while they learn,” said  Michael Papoulias, computer and telecommunication networks coordinator, Lester
B. Pearson School Board.

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